Hope Twinkles! 2022


Music to Heal Hearts

Hope Twinkles 2022, Play-down 3 violins and violas
Hope Twinkles 2022, Play-down 3 violins and violas

2022 Results

A HUGE thank you to all of the 152 musicians who played at Hope Twinkles 2022.  It was an incredibly full day, and so rewarding to see students from 27 different studios plus parents and teachers play together throughout the 10.5 hours of Hope Twinkles 2022.  Our musicians logged 262.25 playing hours (not counting 20 hours from our 2 fearless leaders who were there from start to beyond finish!)  Donations on-site and online during HT '22 came to $3,001.90, and our steadfast anonymous donor (who has given every year since Hope Twinkles began) put in $1 for every 15 minutes played--that's $1049 for 1049 quarter-hours!  Add more that has come in since the event, and we total


raised for mental health awareness!  If you missed donating, we suggest you go to our Donation page to find out how to send funds directly to the two recipients: Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network, and The Transformation Center.  We are so grateful for each of you, and for the East Tennessee Symphony Orchestra and SoundPoint Strings, who partnered with us to finish the day with a fantastic concert.  Bravo, all!

Hope Twinkles 22 Mini Orchestra-Festival
Hope Twinkles 22 Mini Orchestra-Festival

7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, November 13

at the Collegedale Commons

Hope Twinkles 2021
Hope Twinkles 2021

followed by

SoundPoint Strings and the East Tennessee Symphony Orchestra

in concert at 6:30 p.m

Many disasters have happened in our world recently, and any one of them would be a great project for Hope Twinkles 2022.  However, there's an unseen epidemic, one that can't be held at bay by masks or temperature checks, and that social distancing only makes so much worse--Mental Distress. 

One of the least visible, yet most painful current disasters is the epidemic of mental health issues facing our population, and in particular, our youth. 

Governments and insurance companies will step in to rebuild homes and businesses after natural disasters. Feeding starving children in Africa or mopping up flood waters in Florida are popular (and necessary) charities. But who meets the needs of emotional anguish?  How do we rebuild from the hopelessness, loneliness and emptiness of mental distress? 

The uncounted toll from years of pandemic shut-down, from heightened reliance on artificial communities through Zoom and social media, from fear and uncertainty, is a growing frequency of young minds and hearts hurting in desperate, and unseen ways until the pain is too great to bear.  We want to reach, touch, and strengthen the faint of heart.  That's why

Hope Twinkles 2022 chooses as our mission

Music to Heal Hearts

How to Sponsor a player

Choose the amount you are willing to donate for every 15 minutes a child plays. (5 minute segments for tiny children.)  Email us (or contact the player directly) to make your pledge.  We will contact you after Hope Twinkles to let you know how many minutes your sponsored musician played, and what the total donation comes to. You can submit funds through our Donations page.

Who plays at Hope Twinkles?

Suzuki String Students and teachers from the greater Chattanooga area

Any Suzuki string student, teacher and playing parent are welcome to participate.

SoundPoint Strings

Youth Orchestra

The newest youth orchestra in the Collegedale/Ooltewah area opens for the ETSO concert, starting at 6:00 p.m.

East Tennessee Symphony Orchestra

Hope Twinkles is proud to share the stage with the ETSO, as their season opener becomes the grand finale for Hope Twinkles.

String Programs from multiple schools

A mini-music festival for area string orchestras interwoven into Hope Twinkles! 2022

Dress Code

Classy white shirt or top (no t-shirts, please), and dark jeans (navy or black bottoms are also acceptable)

Comfortable, nice-looking shoes

Ribbon Colors

Forest Green, Sunflower Yellow, and Autumn Orange

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